Crossing the t’s and dotting the i’s

End to end program management and everything in between

Projects are not constant, they start as an idea or objective and evolve. Every project has components such as resources, outcomes, marketing, research, communication, process, costs and deadlines, and these need varying degrees of management. Although all projects are unique – what is certain, is that they will have ups and downs, problems that need solving and challenges that need to be overcome. I see these as opportunities to offer an agile, fresh approach with feasible solutions.

Extensive experience as a business owner, project manager, employer and team leader, media production manager, IT and software development consultant, marketing and corporate events executive. I have the key attributes required and expected for delivering successful projects;


  • leadership
  • strategic focus
  • sound judgement and critical thinking
  • fiscal and resource discipline
  • diligence, perseverance and creativity
  • integrity

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