I’m Nadia

A Generalist in a Specialized World*

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I’m Nadia

A Generalist in a Specialized World*

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My RANGE of “General” Skills for Specialized Outcomes


Business Strategy

SEO Strategy


Social Media Strategy

Content Strategy

Data Analytics

Copy Planning


Communication Strategy

Web Development



UX & CX Testing


Rapid Response

Startup Support

Small Business Owner Support & Coaching

Tech Skills Training


Crossing the t’s and dotting the i’s

End to end program management and everything in between

Projects are not constant, they start as an idea or objective and evolve. Every project has components such as resources, outcomes, marketing, research, communication, process, costs and deadlines, and these need varying degrees of management. Although all projects are unique – what is certain, is that they will have ups and downs, problems that need solving and challenges that need to be overcome. I see these as opportunities to offer an agile, fresh approach with feasible solutions.

Extensive experience as a business owner, project manager, employer and team leader, media production manager, IT and software development consultant, marketing and corporate events executive. I have the key attributes required and expected for delivering successful projects;

  • leadership
  • strategic focus
  • sound judgment and critical thinking
  • fiscal and resource discipline
  • diligence, perseverance and creativity
  • integrity


For access to my non-traditional resume and references, contact me.

Nadia has played an invaluable and essential role in enhancing Pure Motion Golf Academy’s online visibility and growing its business over the past year. I have had the privilege of experiencing first hand her phenomenal skill set which includes long term strategic planning, search engine optimization, client-centric online systems, time and database management along with exceptional communication. She is wholly focussed and driven to deliver the very best results for both my business and my clients.

Nadia designed and maintains my company’s website and social accounts to meet web accessibility requirements – meaning that the website, tools, and technologies are designed and developed so that people with disabilities can use them. More specifically, people can: perceive, understand, navigate, and interact with our website.

Some of the process changes Nadia recommended were uncomfortable to start with, but her conviction that no business can develop if they adopt a ‘we have always done it that way’ approach has proved both persuasive and worth its weight in gold.

Nadia’s encouragement to me and my team to strive for excellence has been exemplary. Her role in our development cannot be overstated.

Lana Orgovanyi

Director of Golf and Founder, Pure Motion Golf Academy

I love bragging to people in Canada about my LA web-SEO-content-business-strategist-magician. Nadia has helped me transition from a single-discipline therapy practice to a multidisciplinary group therapy and training practice with growing reach and influence.

Her extensive experience, knowledge, and skills, have enabled her to take me to places I could not have even imagined alone. With Nadia’s magic touch, I am actualizing my social and business vision and making a world of difference.

SITES > WendyMcGuire.com and ScattergramCC.com

Wendy McGuire [MSW, RSW, PhD]

Registered Social Worker and Founder, Scattergram Counselling & Consulting

Our wonderful Spoken Lives Women’s Speaker Series website was set up by Nadia in 2015 and she continues to maintain and improve it. We have been delighted with her services! Quick response times and Nadia has also offered ideas that have thrilled our followers.

Elizabeth Verwey

Founder, Spoken Lives - Stories Women Share

5 Star Google Review: TLATSOI provide amazingly detailed analysis of websites content, ease of used and overall layout & SEO highly recommended!


Mark Langley

President, National Public Safety Drone Donation Program

I have worked with Nadia going back many years – initially when I was in a senior corporate role and more recently in my capacity of being self-employed. She adds tremendous value to any project she tackles and is smart, innovative and goal driven. No task is ever too much and she has an optimistic “can-do” attitude which is rare my view.

I love working with her and have no hesitation in recommending her to any organization fortunate enough to be able to utilize her services.

Sylvia Walker

Speaker, Author, Financial Planner, SW Sylvia Walker

Nadia’s TLATSOI is the top notch ‘one-stop-shop’ for web development from design to brand and content creation, social media and online marketing strategies.

She developed several websites and online identities for our corporate group and continues to attend to the maintenance, security and visual appeal.

Nadia is always a call away and gets the work done, the long and the short of it!

SITES > iSiTech  |  IOTI  |  IMT Health  |  Integrat  |  ActiveData

Diana Cezar

CEO, iSiTech

Nadia is knowledgeable, efficient, cooperative, creative, helpful, reliable… she delivers on schedule and truly, is everything you want in an independent worker. She supported our team on a specific technical project and was a huge asset.

Janice Waugh

Publisher, Solo Traveler and Full Flight Press

Nadia is a dedicated, strategic go-getter who can mobilize team members to deliver quality deliverables within tight timelines. Her knowledge of digital, thought-leadership, content and demand generation coupled with tight project management skills were critical as we overhauled our B2B website and optimized content for 100’s of products to mobile ready, SEO enriched format in less than 6 months. She is an asset to any organization she supports.

Puja Subrun

Director, National Business Solutions Marketing and Brand , TELUS

Nadia is a passionate and engaged individual. She has a strong desire to make sure that customer experiences are exceptional and is personally invested in ensuring positive outcomes. Knowing that Nadia was working on something meant a great deal of assurance that the work would be completed on time and with quality.

Jennifer Refvik

Director, TELUS Business

I had the pleasure of working with Nadia on several projects over many years. I found her to have a very clear and concise idea of what can and should be done and achieved. Her project management and people skills are exemplary and she constantly pushes people to deliver results to the same standard that she sets for herself. Nadia loves to learn and is always open to new ideas and different ways of improving things. In short, I would not hesitate to recommend her as a valuable addition to any team.

Gareth Bowers

Software Director, Silicon Overdrive

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* From the book Range: Why Generalists Triumph in a Specialized World

A 2019 book by David Epstein in which he expands on the points from his previous book The Sports Gene: Inside the Science of Extraordinary Athletic Performance to make a more general argument against overspecialization. In the book, he argues that range – defined as more diverse experience across multiple fields – is more relevant in today’s society than specialization because the wicked problems of the modern world require bridging experience and knowledge from multiple fields to foster solutions.